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Habitat for Humanity
of Greater Columbus

It is our desire to build one new affordable home each year in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Columbus. To do so, we must raise $45,000 to sponsor a home build. When we began this process in 2004, we were having difficulty raising the full amount, so we began to investigate other sources of income. Most fund raisers done in the past by our group raised between $400 and $1000 each. Such projects would not materially help us, because we were very short of the goal. We began to investigate fund raising opportunities that could make a material impact on the difference.

The ones that were investigated closely had to do with using the construction talents of our charity's volunteers; the idea being that we could use volunteer construction labor as a fund raiser. We discovered a rehab opportunity of a rental property on South Brinker Avenue. It looked like a project we could manage in the summer. The property owner also happened to be one of our volunteers and agreed to contribute $10 per hour to Hilliard Adopt-A-House for each volunteer hour worked. The funds raised by this project helped us build another new home in the future.

After starting to investigate fund raising projects, we identified additional pledges and attained the $45,000 goal for 2004. Funds from this project were used to fuel our 2005 affordable home project.

These photos provide a view of Hilliard Adopt-A-House's rehabilitation project on Brinker Avenue. Twenty-eight different volunteers worked on 112 occasions for a total of 661 hours. Of that total, 503 hours went toward our fund raiser. The following churches contributed to this effort: Hilliard United Methodist, Indian Run United Methodist, St. Brendan Catholic, St. James Lutheran, and Scioto Ridge United Methodist. We thank these churches and their volunteers!

A view of the property BEFORE we started:

A view of the property near the end of our project:
Our volunteer days: