Hilliard Adopt-A-House - Reynolds Avenue Rehabilitation

Winter 2001


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Habitat for Humanity
of Greater Columbus

After completing a new Habitat home build on Sixth Avenue in Columbus, Hilliard Adopt-A-House was offered an opportunity to rehabilitate a Habitat home on Reynolds Avenue.

This rehabilitation project was an interesting one. The home was the second home constructed by the Greater Columbus Habitat for Humanity organization and was next door to the first home ever built by this organization in Columbus, Ohio. The homeowner next door told wonderful stories about the press coverage and excitement associated with this initial effort.

The home we worked on had been the residence of a Habitat homeowner for many years, until her father became seriously ill in Georgia. With no one else to care for him, she moved to Georgia to provide him support for his final years. Her two sons (then in their twenties) lived in the home for a couple of years and then abandoned the property. Many months passed before Habitat for Humanity was notified. When we arrived on site, the landscaping was severely overgrown, walls, doors and ceilings were badly damaged. Cabinets and fixtures were damaged or missing. Unfortunately, no photos were taken before we started the project, but the photos below give a glimpse of how the home looked after we finished our work.