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Habitat for Humanity
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This year we are sponsoring the rehabilitation of two homes, one Bellevue Avenue and one on Third Avenue, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio. We began on June 29th on Third Avenue.

The photos below are from September 17, 2016 when we celebrated a joyous home dedication!

Note: You may click on any photo below to get a better view. Low fidelity images of these photos are on the web site to reduce loading times. If you would like a higher resolution image of any photograph, just send an email to Howard Baulch.

Project history:

  • June 29, 2016 - Assessed the work and material needs of the house and began removal of baseboard which must be replaced.
  • July 6, 2016 - Removed the whole house fan, decommissioned the electrical line to the whole house fan, removed the dishwasher, removed the kitchen sink and associated plumbing, removed the kitchen countertops, de-installed the base kitchen cabinets and moved them to the basement, removed the vinyl flooring and luan from the foyer, from the landing leading to the basement and from the kitchen and pantry, pulled staples up from where the luan was removed, removed more baseboard and door trim which must be replaced, removed corner beads from drywall where outside drywall corners needed to be replaced, removed damaged drywall, removed the chandelier from the basement, traced a few electrical lines in the basement, put one coat of Kilz on the major stained OSB areas, and removed all window blinds.
  • July 9, 2016 - Removed tree stump in backyard, removed diseased plum tree, removed dead tree in front yard, picked up rock, brick, block and other debris, spread some top soil to low areas in the backyard, removed storm doors, installed a new mailbox, cleaned trash off the front porch, checked attic insulation depth and marked for additional insulation, removed all cold air returns and all smoke detectors, repaired drywall corners, framed whole house fan opening and hung drywall, relocated kitchen ceiling fan, cleaned living room ceiling fan, trimed out ceiling paint on all ceilings, rolled paint on all ceilings except for the upstairs hallway and the basement stairway, installed a new three-way light at the basement landing, ground the gas line, removed switch and outlet plates, removed closet shelving, removed more door trim, began removing tape residue from the windows, cleaned kitchen cabinets, applied Zinsser stain blocker to some stubborn stained areas, installed a new sump pump, removed damaged doors, removed bathroom accessories, removed upstairs bathroom toilet, removed all window screens, and applied first coat of drywall compound to wall dents and nicks.
  • July 13, 2016 - Held the Commencement Ceremony with Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio and the partner family, sanded and wiped down all walls, installed all drywall corner beads, scraped the ceiling texture from the area around the drywall added in place of the whole house fan, installed the air conditioning unit security cage, cleaned the kitchen ceiling fan blades and housing and reinstalled them in the kitchen, taped and applied two coats of mud to all drywall repairs, installed conduit in the basement, removed unneeded coaxial cable, mowed the grass, cleaned out the bed north of the sidewalk, cleaned cold air returns, cleared out more block and debris from the yard, applied painter's tape to all interior trimwork, continued removal of tape residue from the interior of the windows, did about 90% of the cut-in of wall paint on the second floor, and began cut-in of paint on the main floor.
  • July 16, 2016 - Cleaned out the bathroom sink traps, finished cutting up the backyard tree stump and hauled it away, powerwashed the vinyl siding, the porches and the shed, finished cleaning the interior frames of all windows, checked out all electrical outlets and found one for replacement, almost finished one full coat (cut-in and rolling) of wall paint throughout the house, removed the cabinet hardware, cleaned the cabinets further, cleaned all outlet and switch covers, and applied Kilz to the master bedroom OSB flooring.
  • July 20, 2016 - Put the finish coat of drywall compound on all repaired drywall corners and major patched areas, finished the second coat of wall paint cut-in throughout the house except for the areas to which compound was applied today, stippled the ceiling drywall, removed the painter's tape from all trim work, cut-in and rolled Kilz on all floor areas that may have been stained in the past, put a first coat of paint and caulking on the shed, mowed our lawn as well as our Habitat neighbor's lawn, trimmed shrubs, caulked the front and rear porch posts and railings, installed new ceiling lights and smoke alarms, rolled paint on the basement stairwell ceiling, touched up ceiling paint throughout the house, repaired an outside faucet, re-installed some of the cold air return grills and removed the trim on the old exterior doors.
  • July 23, 2016 - Re-hung and replaced damaged vinyl siding, cut out an exterior kitchen vent and installed the range hood vent, built and installed new shed doors, ground down two tree stumps, put a new cap row on the shed roof, replaced a bad railing on the front porch, installed front window shutters, weeded and cleaned up the plant beds, did a second coat of cut-in on some interior walls, finished painting the ceilings, sanded the drywall finishing, put a second coat of wall paint on most of the house walls, put two coats of paint on one exterior door and started on another, hung several new door slabs, ran coaxial cable to the first floor bedroom, and, courtesy of Bio-Green of Ohio, treated for weeds on our lawn as well as the neighboring Habitat lawn.
  • July 27, 2016 - Caulked and put a second coat of paint on the shed, mowed the grass, finished rolling the second coat of paint on all interior walls, patched a few drywall anomalies, worked on getting cable to an upstairs bedroom, corrected two out-of-code electrical outlets, fixed an outside spigot, replaced the door frame in the downstairs half bath, cleaned existing trimwork throughout the house and identifed which trimwork needs to be replaced, finished two coats of paint on the second exterior door, cleaned switches and outlets and replaced many switch and outlet covers, caulked the front and rear porch posts and railings, started work on refinishing a window sill, finished a first coat of paint on the front porch posts and railings, started a first coat of paint on the rear porch post and railings, moved the base kitchen cabinets back to the kitchen and cleaned them out some more.
  • July 30, 2016 - Reinstalled the kitchen base cabinets, replaced the two exterior doors, put one coat of paint on the kick plates, installed new locks on exterior doors, cleaned the tub, painted the upstairs bathroom ceiling, cleaned the gutters, downspouts, and eaves, cleaned the front porch soffit and beam wrap and half of the back porch soffit, ran two TV cables to the upstairs, installed the remaining air return vents and some of the closet shelves were put back in place.
  • August 3, 2016 - Finished work on all TV cable and cable outlets, finished work on all telephone outlets, installed the new door bell, sanded and painted all existing drywall patches, replaced drywall in the closet where the TV cable was brought up from the basement and taped and mudded those drywall repairs, patched newly discovered drywall anomalies, finished the second coat of paint on all walls, scraped window sills, dismantled the "outside corner basement shelving unit" and put it in the dumpster, dismantled the two extra shelves under the stairs for access to the foundation wall crack for sealing, cleared the basement perimeter for spray foaming this evening, finished the first coat of paint on the back porch railings, plugged siding holes on the east side, polished kitchen cabinet doors and faces, adjusted the front door lock assembly, and cleaned almost all windows.
  • August 6, 2016 - Mowed the grass, installed barrel slide bolts in the shed, re-caulked the front and rear porch railings where necessary, laid the vinyl floor in the upstairs bathroom, re-installed insulation batts in the basement, cleaned and re-installed bathroom exhaust fan, planed the top of the master bedroom door to eliminate rubbing, installed repaired window sashes in the upstairs bedroom, hung three upstairs doors, painted linen closet and a number of other areas, applied two more coats of mud on the repaired drywall areas in the master bedroom closet, painted attic access panel trim, installed weatherstrip for attic access panel, affixed R30 insulation to the attic access panel, finished cleaning back porch soffit and cleaned the vent for the half bath, painted gas meter, made one kitchen base cabinet liner, moved all extra vinyl siding to the basement and stored it in a floor truss cavity, installed new tub drain, reorganized basement, and re-installed trim under the two stairway cap walls.
  • August 10, 2016 - Powerwashed both porches, the sidewalk and a portion of the driveway, began cleaning window screens, finished the second coat of paint on all interior walls, completed the drywall repairs in the master bedroom closet and painted them, scrapped/prepared the interior railings for re-staining and refinishing, sanded the window sills, finished hanging interior door frames upstairs, finished all door trimwork, baseboard and shoe moulding upstairs, cleaned the cabinet hardware, and laid vinyl plank flooring in the foyer, the hallway and two-thirds of the living room.
  • August 13, 2016 - Finished LVT flooring with the exception of the downstairs half bath, completed the second coat of paint on the exterior, installed all but two window screens, hung all downstairs door frames, installed all but two downstairs doors, trimmed all but two downstairs doors, finished baseboards on the main floor and stairs, foamed exterior doors, sewer exit, and the hole drilled in the concrete wall and installed new lever door handles on all hung doors.
  • August 17, 2016 - Set the new toilet for the 10" rough in upstairs, caulked the floor/tub seam, laid the kitchen counters on the cabinets but did not secure them, laid out the kitchen sink but did not cut the counter top, removed downstairs toilet and laid new floor, put shoe mould in living room and hallway, put wood conditioner and stain on all window sills, handrails, and knee wall caps, puttied nail holes upstairs and some downstairs, did some paint touch ups, finished foaming the back exterior door, used rosin paper to cover flooring in traffic areas, and installed more closet shelving.
  • August 20, 2016 - Installed baseboard, shoe molding, floor transition and inside door trim in downstairs bathroom, installed toilet and new LED lights in downstairs bathroom, installed LED lights in upstairs bathroom, finished all closet shelving installation, put one coat of sealer on the window sills in all the rooms, put one coat of stain on the handrails, installed the kitchen counters, installed the sink, faucet, drain basket and disposal support ring in the kitchen, connected the water, electric and drain for the dishwasher, painted the front door, removed paint and adhesive from the vinyl siding, completed all shoe molding and door trim, installed door stops on all doors where carpeting is not going to be installed, puttied more nail holes in the molding, adjusted the wooden doorstop molding upstairs, adjusted all three hallway doors upstairs and the powder room on first floor, installed the exterior door window buttons, taped floor vent openings in carpeted areas and in the kitchen, and installed blinds in three of the four bedroom locations.
  • August 24, 2016 - Finished powerwashing the driveway, pulled weeds in one of the front beds and laid mulch, mowed our lawn and the Habitat neighbor's lawn, cleaned paint off the vinyl posts, rewired kitchen outlets, installed the garbage disposal, put second and final coats of polyurethane on the window sills, cut and assembled the third stair railing, put polyurethane on the stair railings, replaced some upstairs damaged baseboard, installed shoe moulding at the base of the stairs, installed baseboard around the far right kitchen cabinet, cleaned out and vacuumed the areas to be carpeted, cleaned the basement stairs, painted about three-quarters of the basement stairs and posts, added liners to some kitchen drawers, taped HVAC seams in the basement, puttied nail holes in trimwork, patched numerous drywall anomalies, caulked some of the baseboards, and caulked the kitchen countertops.
  • August 27, 2016 - Cleaned stain off the windows, cleaned paint off the vinyl siding on the rear porch, finished the first coat of paint on the basement stair treads, put the second coat of paint on the basement stair risers, installed mirrors and accessories in both bathrooms, hung the window blinds in the upstairs rear bedroom, caulked trimwork, leveled out some high spots in the backyard, spread top soil in low areas and around the house foundation, spread grass seed and straw on top soil, dug out weeds in the front flower beds, spread mulch in the front flower beds, installed stained shoe moulding at both exterior doors, installed basement door threshold, replaced cold water supply line to kitchen sink to solve pressure issue and installed solar post lights.
  • August 31, 2016 - Cleaned stain off more windows, mowed the grass in our yard as well as our Habitat neighbor, added straw where it was thin over fresh topsoil, watered the sown grass seed, improved the kitchen sink piping, put a third coat of polyurethane on the interior stair railings and window sills, sanded and put two coats of paint on drywall patches, vacuumed the new carpet, laid carpet protector on the carpet, finished taping HVAC seams, installed the repaired window sashes in the kitchen, hung the new linen closet door and installed its hardware, cut more liners for kitchen cabinets, moved almost all Habitat tools and materials out of the house and into the Habitat truck, swept and vacuumed the basement, installed a dehumidifier in the basement, cleaned the replacement kitchen window, and installed the two remaining window screens.
  • September 6, 2016 - Sanded and put one coat of golden oak stain on the damaged kitchen base cabinet door and stripped and put two coats of golden oak stain on the new kitchen base cabinet door.
  • September 7, 2016 - Connected the range gas line to the supply line, cleaned the remaining windows, mowed the grass in our yard as well as our Habitat neighbor, watered the sown grass seed, did a final sanding of the interior stair railings and window sills, touched up paint throughout the house, cleaned the basement windows, dusted all walls and doors, cut the remaining liners for the kitchen cabinets, moved most of the remaining Habitat tools and materials out of the house (and taken away by Andrew and David), vacuumed the basement a final time, finished painting the basement stairs, cleaned the vinyl plank flooring, scrapped caulk off the bathtub and re-caulked where necessary, cleaned both bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen sink, and removed all personal tools and materials.
  • September 14, 2016 - Installed the replacement kitchen cabinet door, mowed the grass, watered the sown grass seed, hosed down the porches and driveway, put a final coat of touch-up paint throughout the house, moved materials for the family to the basement, caulked and did some touch-up paint on the exterior doors and shed, did miscellaneous final cleaning, and cleaned the vinyl plank flooring on the way out.
  • September 17, 2016 - Celebrated the home dedication!
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